Become A Channel Partner

7TUTORS.IN Channel Sales Partner (CSP) is a unique program in which we join hands with business partners across the India in Tutoring Services. will provide all operational support necessary to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. 

  • # Boost your Business by providing Tutors for your Assignment.
  • # Provide customer support to your Clients.
  • # Assistence in Fee Collection. 
  • # Earn more through commission.
To know more about the program, please fill out the form to your right. We will email you additional information on the program.


[Validity Period - Lifetime Membership]

Membership Fee: Rs 200000/- Deduction-15%

Membership Fee: Rs 175000/- Deduction-20%

Membership Fee: Rs 150000/- Deduction-30%

Membership Fee: Rs 125000/-Deduction-40% 

Membership Fee: Rs 100000/-Deduction-50% 

Membership Fee : Rs 70000/- Deduction-60%

Membership Fee : Rs 35000/-  Deduction-70%

Membership Fee : Rs 20000 - Deduction-80%


1. Profit will distributed in that particular assignment which is refered by you & from the Bureau's Earning.

2. Sharing of commission will be in first month only only if the tutor have sucessfully* completed first month there.

3. Before refering any tuition to the Bureau you should ask Bureau about your earning in that particular assignment. Late intimation will't be entertain by us.     

4. Membership Fee is lifetime valid.

5. Commission sharing will be valid once for a particular client.

6. Deduction means : Amount deducted by Bureau.

7. Membership Fee is Non-Refundable. 

8. All Aggriment will be on Court Stamp Paper.